Excessive sweating

When sweat glands secrete fluid and the sweating is not the result of external factors such as physical anxiety, stress or worry and hygiene products such as deodorants or creams are no longer of any help in concealing the odour, those affected may suffer emotional distress. Their daily lives can be so badly affected that they avoid contact with other people.

The surgical method for treating excessive sweating involves suction of the sweat glands that cause the problem. Alternatively, the surgeon can inject an active ingredient named Botulinustoxin into the affected area (e.g. the feet and armpits).


A suction procedure entails the surgical removal of the sweat glands under local anaesthetic. The effect is therefore permanent.
The less invasive injection of a special liquid solution prevents the release of the neurotransmitter which triggers the sweating. The operation is also carried out under local anaesthetic and can be repeated after 4 to 7 months, when the substance has been broken down by the body. Neither of the procedures requires any particular follow-up treatment.


Sweat gland suction can result in mild pain or a burning sensation in the treated area. Painkillers can help soothe the pain. There may also be minor scars and slight bruising. There may very occasionally be wound infections.
Patients that are allergic to our active ingredients will not be given this treatment.

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