Hand rejuvenation with Radiesse

Filler Radiesse is a tried and tested treatment for wrinkled hands. Radiesse is noted for being very long-lasting, for helping to stimulate the body’s natural processes and for its low risk profile. The active ingredient is based on the mineral calcium hydroxyapatite, which forms the basis in the human body for hard tissues such as teeth and bones. Since it is not a foreign substance, the body does reject it, but instead produces collagen fibres, which combine using the support that the volumising filler provides.


After numbing cream has been applied to the skin to desensitise it, the surgeon begins by injecting the Radiesse. The result is a softer, tighter skin without wrinkles, is instantly visible and lasts for up to one year. Thereafter, the treatment can be repeated. A laser can be used to remove age spots during the same procedure. No particular follow-up treatment is required. Any redness disappears quickly and can be covered with make-up if necessary.


Before the procedure can take place, the surgeon must ascertain that the patient has not already been injected with any other fillers that may not be combinable with Radiesse. The patient must not be allergic to the filler.

The procedure should not be performed on women that are pregnant or breastfeeding.  If the patient has a tendency to form cold sores, the injections may trigger the appearance of cold sores in the treated area.

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