Spider Veins

Spider veins are small bluish or reddish fan-like veins that appear mainly on the skin of the legs, and are often aesthetically troublesome. Before any cosmetic treatment can be carried out, the possibility that the spider veins are symptomatic of a venous disease must be ruled out, especially if they appear in combination with varicose veins.


Smaller veins are removed using sclerotherapy or micro-sclerotherapy. A special injected solution or an air-liquid mixture causes inflammation in the vein, after which the walls of the vein stick together, scar and are broken down naturally by the body.

The patient should walk for about an hour straight after receiving the treatment. The patient must wear a dressing for a week after the procedure and then a compression stocking for at least 4 weeks. Saunas and solariums should be avoided for 6 weeks.


There may be occasionally slight swelling. Cases of phlebitis, thrombosis and embolism are extremely rare. If the spider veins are very prominent, slight skin discoloration may occur but this disappears at the latest after one year. Needle pricks and lymphatic drainage help to relieve blood pressure and ensure better circulation of tissue fluid.

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