Snoring may be a common complaint and is not an illness, but it does get in the way of a good night’s rest. However, if snoring interferes with your breathing, you may suffer from what is known as OSAS (obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome). If this is the case, you should certainly undergo a medical examination. Snoring may be caused by a deformation of the nasal septum, the presence of polyps, a fluttering soft palate, an oversized uvula, an enlarged tongue base or excess weight.


If you suffer from OSAS, you should undergo further examination in the sleep laboratory. You may need to be given a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)-mask.
If your snoring is caused by obesity and your BMI is over 30, your primary course of action is to lose weight particularly in the neck area.
In the case of other causes of snoring indicated above, alternating current has proved to be an effective treatment. This is so-called radio-frequency-induced thermal therapy (RFITT).
No particular follow-up treatment is required.


As the current is in a range of about 500 kHz, which human nerve cells are not able to detect, the procedure does not cause any pain. However, if a mild local anaesthetic is required, there are potential risks in case of intolerance or allergy to the anaesthetic drug.

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