Lipofilling involves the transfer of the body’s own lipids from one part of the body to another. Since this procedure does not involve synthetic impurities, the body’s rejection of the lipids is limited. This means that about 60% of the transplanted lipids remain in the places where they are needed. Lipofilling is therefore a particularly non-invasive procedure and is particularly suitable for problematic areas in the face. It can be used, for example, to fill wrinkles in the forehead or around the corners of the mouth and to give new volume to drooping tissue.


After excess fat tissue (e.g. in the abdomen) has been removed, the surgeon uses very fine needles to inject the solution into the subcutaneous tissue of the problematic areas. This non-invasive procedure has long-lasting efficacy because it only involves the transplantation of the body’s own substances. Lipofilling lasts for between two and five years, after which the treatment can be repeated.

No particular follow-up treatment is required.


The risks involved in lipofilling are very low. The use of needles can result in slight swelling and/or slight bruising, but the swelling and bruising disappear after a few days. Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers must not undergo this procedure. Smokers should drastically reduce their consumption before undergoing treatment.

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