Thread Lifts

If the corners of your mouth are hanging down, or if you find that your cheeks are becoming jowly, or if the skin on your neck is sagging, a thread lift may be just what you need. The procedure is only minimally invasive (no scars), comes at a relatively low cost and instantly delivers visible and long-lasting results. A thread lift in the face or neck area takes about an hour.


On two sites that have been carefully chosen beforehand, a very fine cannula is inserted into the skin which is under local anaesthetic. The surgeon then inserts into the cannula a thin thread, studded with small barbs made of special material. Pulling on the ends of the thread causes the skin tissue to tighten. The barbs prevent the skin from moving back to its original position. The visible ends of the thread are cut off, and two tiny puncture points are left behind which fully heal and are soon no longer visible. The way in which the skin tissue reacts to the procedure is what accounts for its enduring quality. The skin forms new collagen, surrounds the foreign body and becomes tight.

The day after the procedure, you should cool the treated areas and avoid direct sunlight for a week.


For reasons of impaired wound healing, smokers should dramatically cut back on their consumption two weeks prior to surgery. The procedure should not be performed on women that are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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